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This & That – January 2018

I know; I’ve been a bad boy. I promised almost two years ago to occasionally post links to articles of interest, but I haven’t posted anything for about 20 months. Blogging is something that will take discipline for me, and the blog posts I have been writing for our church to help read through the bible are helping me develop that discipline. All that being said, here are a few articles I have found helpful and I hope you will also.

Moralism is NOT the Gospel

Al Mohler, president of Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, writes a wonderful reminder to us that the gospel is not ultimately about behavior modification. We are often quick to criticize false gospels like the health/wealth/prosperity “gospel” but what Mohler speaks about is probably more prevalent and even more dangerous to the church. Take a gander and see if you have any inclinations toward moralism.

Handling Sexual Abuse in the Church

Jonathan Leeman of 9Marks Ministries and Capitol Hill Baptist Church in Washington, DC writes an article for the Washington Post on how churches should handle pastors who repent of past sexual misconduct. This is particularly timely, not only in light of the recent public disclosures of sexual abuse in Washington and Hollywood, but more specifically, the confession of a megachurch pastor in Memphis and his congregation’s response. Read carefully and think deeply.

A Pastor’s Response to the President’s Recent Comments

Every news outlet picked up on President Trump’s recent characterization of certain countries whose residents were seeking to immigrate to the United States. Here is one pastor’s response. As a church that is predominantly white, I think this article is well worth the read and our consideration as we seek to bring a Christian worldview to our politics and continue to pray for our leaders. (Please note: You can truly support our President and yet not agree with everything he says and does.)