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Mayer Community Church

A Reminder of our Responsibility and Rewards

Passage: 2 Peter 1:5-11

All of us have expectations to one degree or another.  We expect our children to act and behave a certain way. We expect those who are close to us to treat us a certain way. We even expect those who don’t like us to at least respect us. Not only do we have certain expectations of others, but others have expectations of us. Our employers expect us to be at work at a certain time and they expect us to follow the company policies and procedures. Pastors expect us to act and live a certain way and even children have expectations of their parents. Did you know that God has certain expectations for those who are His? He has given us everything we need to meet His expectations. He has also promised to make a big deal out of you and me if we are meeting those expectations. Are we meeting His expectations?