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A Response to the Orlando Tragedy

This past weekend, our nation suffered the mostly deadly mass shooting in our history. From what I have gathered from various news reports, a mentally unstable Muslim man pledged his personal allegiance to ISIS, entered a homosexual nightclub, killed 50 people, wounded as many, and then was himself killed by police. Events like this should […]

This & That April 2016

Every few weeks, I plan on posting a variety of links to internet articles or websites that I trust my readers will find interesting. Here are this week’s suggestions: How to Recognize a Foolish Leader Without taking a partisan political position, Jon Bloom of Desiring God Ministries helps us to evaluate potential political leaders through […]

What is a Christian Worldview?

Especially in volatile times, followers of Jesus Christ need to be firmly grounded so as to not be swept away by the tide of popular cultural opinion. Evangelical Christians believe that truth does not change, though admittedly our grasp and formulization of truth can (and probably should) be constantly reforming. We don’t just hold to […]

How Should Christians Interact With Our Current Culture?

That Christians and the Christian worldview represent a minority opinion in our country today is hardly a controversial position. A far more debatable question is the proper relationship between Christians and their culture. How should we, as disciples of Jesus Christ, interact with a culture that is opposed to so much of what biblical Christians […]

A View from the Margins

Why would anyone care what I think? That’s actually a pretty good question. Blogs are a “dime a dozen” these days. Not only does everyone have an opinion, but people have come to believe that the world would somehow be a lesser place if their opinions weren’t published. This may be a function of our […]