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Reading Through the Bible – Judges 19-21

What an unmitigated disaster! This final section in Judges is one of the most outrageous, maddening, sordid accounts in the entire Bible. Look what you have recorded here: sexual perversion of the type associated with Sodom (19:22); self-preservation to the point of callous indifference (19:25-26); civil war and self-destruction that was intended for the pagan […]

Reading Through the Bible – Judges 15-16

Honestly, Samson is not a very attractive character. He is brash, presumptive, impulsive, and driven by fleshly desires. But there is encouragement in his story. God can (and does) use and empower his servants, even those with obvious faults and who are frequently disobedient. Notice how many times God’s Spirit rushes upon Samson, most often […]

Reading Through the Bible – Judges 8-11

As we continue reading through Judges, I want to remind you that we should not necessarily emulate the actions of God’s appointed judges. These were imperfect (and many times, blatantly sinful) people, used by God for his purposes and the rescue of his chosen people. An easy way to think about this is to remember […]